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About Us

"Too often, leaders put the cart before the horse- for example, by launching their organization into the ecosystem with a shiny new space or single massive event while gaining little from these efforts other than publicity"

MIT Sloan Management Review

Strategically Engaging With Innovation Ecosystems Fall 2022

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In 2022, I started Kora Insights to advance entrepreneurial organizations working to measurably improve lives.

It's been a delight to see our clients champion
their communities and thoughtfully commit to

credible and sustained resource building and sharing.

Thank you for trusting us, and if we have yet to meet, please be sure to say hello.
Constance Thurmond
Founder & Principal
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We encourage you to complete our two-minute Partnership Assessment that will help determine if we are the right fit for your needs.
"When organizations put in the work to define their ecosystem strategy, they are best
positioned to reap the benefits of working with innovation communities"
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