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Custom Research & Programming

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Refocus Your
Value Proposition

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Meaningfully Collaborate With Your Community

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Strengthen Innovation

Custom Research to Guide Strategic Decisions

Create a more structured and focused approach for your Innovation Ecosystem involvement
Create a new program, or revamp an existing one
Test and/or validate your ideas
Establish clear goals for your Innovation Ecosystem interactions
Strengthen or expand your team's research and analysis capabilities

A Healthy Innovation Ecosystem Checklist

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Our Systemic Approach to Research Draw's from Phillip Budden and Fiona Murray's Innovation Ecosystem Framework

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  1. What do you want to acquire from (and offer
    through) your ecosystem engagement?

  2. Who do you wish to engage with, and who will
    engage from your side?

  3. How will you engage, and will the approach
 ensure effective interaction?
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"The staff at Kora Insights have a great growth mindset and always ask extremely thoughtful questions in order to approach their work appropriately while considering the best plan of attack.

They have great listening skills which is useful to understanding a problem and working towards a solution."

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Jade Williams

Operations Manager, GTM

Research Deliverables

Environmental scan and needs assessment accompanied by interviews and survey data when appropriate
Project management to ensure efficiency in process
Execution support following assessment of internal and external capabilities
We encourage you to complete our two-minute Partnership Assessment that will help determine if we are the right fit for your needs.
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